Replacement "pick" roller for card reader

Phil Budne phil at
Thu Jun 26 10:16:40 CDT 2008

I picked up an HP7260A table top card reader, with the aim of
restoring it to working condition.  The major problem has been that
the "pick" roller that moves the card out of the input hopper and
through the first gate had melted into a pile of goo, ending up in a
puddle in the output hopper.  I only had to sacrifice four blank cards
(hand fed) before getting one to pass thru the rest of the transport
almost entirely unblemished(*).  So far the control/sequencing
circuitry seems to be working, but I haven't checked yet if any data
is comming out the serial port.

Thanks to the HP Computer Museum (, I found the
maintenace manual, and an image of what the roller looked like (#48 in
the image below):

I used one of these readers when I was in High School c. 1978.  Before
finding the maintenance manual I had no memory of what the roller
looked like, but it must have been something soft, with a lot of
gripping power.  Any suggestions (short of attempting to cast a
replacemnt out of melted gumi candy)?  The axle is a quarter inch or
close, and roller needs to be at least a quarter inch thick.

I'm tempted to drop in on a local rubber products company (Greene
Rubber, in Woburn Ma), but knowing what to ask for would help!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

(*) One pinch roller inside was slightly gooey, and still gives off
blackness, no matter how many times I clean it.  The pinch rollers all
have a flat spot from having sat for many years, and I might try to
replace them with O-rings, but it's not the top priority.

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