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Thu May 1 12:29:58 CDT 2008

Richard wrote:
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>> Consider me jealous over the dn10k :-)
> Even after looking at how much physical restoration work is required
> on the cabinet?  :-)

You wouldn't believe some of the horrors that I've seen :-)

Seriously, it doesn't look too bad - most of the corrosion looks to be at the 
base of the chassis, and the boards look to be in good condition still (any 
obvious corrosion to the gold parts of the chips?), which is the important bit.

I assume it's all SCSI (hopefully not differential) on something of that era, 
so it should be reasonably easy to check that the drive(s) are still alive and 
well via a modern PC. Getting a raw backup onto modern media is probably a 
good first step...

Even if the PSU's toast I expect it'd be possible to hook in a replacement 
(assuming the original can't be fixed). And case/chassis damage is probably 
way down on the list of priorities :-)

> This one will be a "long time coming" as CSN say.  Its not just dirty,
> its rusty.  Then I'll have to identify the hardware inside it to get
> an inventory -- I don't even know if the boards contain the graphics
> HW that I'm ultimately after, because I think that was an option and
> not necessarily standard on the DN10k.

Hmm, I think you might be right about it being an option - but that's just 
from me piecing together what dn10k knowledge I can over the years. There 
can't have ever been many sold, and can't be more than a very small handful of 
survivors now.

Shame there's no manuals or media - that would be a really neat find.

> I really know next to nothing about this machine, but would really
> like to hear from others what they know, particularly if they have
> docs that aren't online (I'll pay for round trip postage and do the
> scanning for bitsavers).

Let me know what you find out... it'd be nice to know that someone out there 
still has them.



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