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> >  The mouse was invented, but AFAIK Tektronix didn't start offering
> >  products with mice until the mid-to-late 80s?  They did offer a
> >  joystick accessory for the 4051, which looks like the weirdest
> >  joystick I've ever seen.
> >
> I think we have one of those joystick things here at the office. A
> huge base with a big ball part on top, and a tiny little stick coming
> out of that? And some sort of funky card connector on the end of the
> cable?

Yes, that's it!  I saw a picture in the catalog and it looks like a
bell-hop bell you'd see on a hotel counter.  I'm guessing that inside
its two potentiometers to measure x/y movement and joystick has a
pressure switch mounted on it for selection.
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