HP Integral PC Manuals?

Eric Smith eric at brouhaha.com
Fri May 2 02:52:10 CDT 2008

Josh Dersch wrote about the HP Integral:
> It also would have been nice if they'd put a bit more in the
> system ROM.  As it is, there's absolutely no software or tools aside
> from the very basic OS on startup.  The machine doesn't even know how to
> format disks without the Utilities floppy!  A simple text editor and
> other basic desktop apps (clock, calendar, calculator, terminal,
> etc...), or maybe a just a small unix shell and utilities built-in would
> have made this machine a lot more useful.

Sounds like you want the "software engineering ROM", though I'm not
certain since I don't have one.  I'd really like to get one and dump
the ROM; then it should be easy to make a clone of it.  As I understand
it, it's just an expansion board full of ROMs.  I don't know how many
ROMs or of what capacity each, but these days it would all fit in a
single flash chip.


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