Free items available (UK)

Austin Pass austin at
Fri May 2 10:09:48 CDT 2008

On 2 May 2008, at 13:08, silvercreekvalley wrote:
> Major clear out means I have several vintage items available,
> if any interest let me know via email & I can send more
> info. All items are free but must be collected. Based in
> Northwest UK
> 1) Sun Enterprise E4000 with several (probably 8 or 10) CPU's,
> and around 6G of RAM. CD/DVD drive. All checks out working
> and in good clean condition. 4 PSUs.
> 2) Sun 3/60 with 'shoebox' (HD case) and the hard to find
> SCSI cable. This is a colour system, probably full RAM.
> 3/60's use a button cell to backup the system settings so
> its easy to replace - unlike NVRAM chips which can be tricky.
> Includes a keyboard and mouse (if I can find it).
> 3) I have a QBUS PDP 11 in an industrial style rack case. This
> has no front cover but is believed to be functional. More info
> if required, probably a 11/53 or similar.
> 4) Last but not least a PDP 11/24 with CPU and RAM (not known
> how much) and some cabling. A number of unknown cards probably
> Winchester controllers. In good order but no way of testing.
> Contact me of list for more info etc if interested..
> Ian.

Hi Ian.

Apologies for postin /to/ the list, but I can't divine your email  
address form the posting.

I'd be interested in the E4000 and the PDP11/24 if nobody else has  
claimed them.  I'm based in Manchester (with van) and can collect any  


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