HPIB Stuff - some capture stuff

David Comley david_comley at yahoo.com
Sun May 4 07:08:10 CDT 2008

--- On Sat, 5/3/08, Steve Robertson <steerex at ccvn.com> wrote:

> I have created a small "library" of sorts with
> the common CS80 methods
> and another with the HPIB methods in another. I'm not a

Steve, I'd love to see what you did with the CS80 methods under Linux if you're willing to share. Some time back we talked about this (maybe 2 years ago) but as so often happens, life got in the way and I haven't progressed my CS80 project very much. I have a working build of the HPIB library under Linux and had started to poke around the CS80 state model documentation. My goal is to provide an emulated CS80 disk that I can boot my HP64000s and HP9000s from.


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