Atari score!

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at
Sun May 4 08:02:18 CDT 2008

I returned from a hamfest yesterday with a mountain of Atari 8bit gear:

Atari 800 w/ dust-cover (slight yellowing)
(2) 810 diskette drives
(2) 1020 Printer/Plotters (1 new in wrapping)
410 Cassette Deck
835 Modem
850 Interface Adapter

All original Atari manuals for the above in great condition!
All power adapters for the above in working condition.

6 Serial cables
Box of assorted joysticks and input devices

Huge box of photocopied development tool manuals

Still to come as soon as owner unearths them from his basement:

Several hundred diskettes
SWP ATR8000 CP/M extension system w/ all manuals and software

Looks to be a lot of fun getting this stuff up and learning about it.

I'm thinking of buying one of the SIO2PC interfaces and the APE software 
package so I can transfer images from the internet to workable Atari 
diskettes.  Would appreciate any advice or opinions on this.

Also, if the owner cannot locate the diskettes, what is the best way to go 
about bootstrapping things?  Where can the various images be found on the 
net and is APE the best way to do this?



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