FS: SGI Iris Crimson

Jason T silent700 at gmail.com
Tue May 6 12:52:20 CDT 2008

The time has come to move the big red box from my hallway (to make
room for other big boxes, of course.)  I was going to go straight to
ebay but thought I'd offer it up here first.  It's marked as a
"Server" model but as been upgraded to "Elan" gfx, and I've got the
replacement case badge for Elan.  I've got one hard drive in there now
which boots IRIX but fails looking for other volumes, so consider it
ready to reload the OS.  RAM is at 256mb.  A few pics here:


Pickup only on this one, unless you're *really* serious about owning a
Crimson :)  I'm in 60074, NW of Chicago.


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