govliq: what are these things?

Alexandre Souza alexandre-listas at
Thu May 8 09:41:07 CDT 2008

> Here's a representative lot:
> <>
> They have descriptions like "General Dynamics signal processor adapter
> assembly" and they all look like circuit boards with a regular grid
> and an arrangements of pins placed into the grids.  The grids are
> divided into areas and sometimes color coded.  Does anyone have any
> familiarity with them?  There are a ton of these on govliq right now.
> It seems to be some kind of test harness.

    Yes, these are (very valuable) pogo pins. These are pins with a coil, 
when you put a board on top of them, they fit the height of the board. It is 
made for testing, a very nice setup. 

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