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> Marden P. Marshall wrote:
> > 
> > How's this for a horror story?  A few months back, I bought a really 
> > nice IMSAI dual 8" floppy drive system from someone on eBay.  It set me 
> > back $2000.00.  
> I think that's the horror story right there (paying $2000 for the drive).
> When it arrived damaged, did the seller refund your money?  Did you have 
> the money in escrow?

When I've recieved damaged goods from ebay (ok, it wasn't $2k,
but...), I've negotiated with the seller that they pay the shipping
expenses and sometimes a little more.  Of course, for what I'm buying
its like $10 for the unit and $75 to ship it being more typical than
$2k for the goods and whatever for shipping.
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