any STD bus users or developers? / minimal CP/M

Brent Hilpert hilpert at
Fri May 9 15:52:46 CDT 2008

Jeff Jonas wrote:
> I'm getting the itch to get back to Z80 stuff.
> Has anyone used the STD bus, or have any parts?
> I have a few card cages and cards
> but never enough I/O cards!
> In the least, I was planning on using the STD bus
> just for expansion cards to a single board computer.

I have a 9-slot STD bus backplane built into a piece of one-off lab equipment
from some physics experiment.
I made schematics for some of the cards:

  Mostek MDX-CPU-IIA  - processor, system clock, CTC timer,
                        and static RAM or EPROM memory
  Mostek MDX-MC       - static RAM or EPROM memory
  Mostek MDX-BCLK     - TOD clock
  (and some one-off IO cards)

if of any help or interest.

I was figuring on converting it into something perhaps useful sometime,
involving re-working the prototype IO cards into more general use. The
discussions of CP/M in ROM might be interesting to consider for it.

I was reminded of the STD bus while reading the other thread about minimal CP/M
or home-brew Z80 systems, the STD bus being tailored for the Z80 (and a lot
simpler than S100).

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