Osbourne OCC1 problem

Rik dr.emiel at xs4all.nl
Wed May 14 14:23:59 CDT 2008


I don't know the internals of the Osborne but can help you with some repair 
rules of thump .
First step, is checking the boards visual for corosion and bad solder joints 
(crystaline with a round marking in the solder) good joints are shiny and 
curved, if you don't trust one remove the old solder and resolder.
And of cause scheck the board for burned and broken components
Second step, is to locate the power supply and check the voltages with a 
multimeter, after that you check them with the scope for ripple and spikes.
Typical PSU should have no more then 100-300mV ripple spikes and noise.
If there is a lot of noise or spikes check the decoupling Elco's and 
tantalium C's if you have a lot of ripple that indicates a bad ripple elco 
in the PSU.
Sometimes placing a few 200nF C's over the +5V rejects a lot of noise and 
will give you a good indication were to look (decoupling C's)
Third, check components for heat development, heated components indicates 
When old electronics is stowed away in storages for a long time, elcos are 
going to degrade and eventualy won't work at all.
The picture your showing indicates a  fault in the horizontal sync circuit 
of the video, pausible cause degraded elco's.
This also can be the cause at a bad startup due to a short reset time, witch 
would be caused by a elco with a too low capacity.


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> Hi folks,
> I just dug my old Osborne OCC1 (1st model, in the beige vacuum-formed ABS
> case), only to find all is not well. Actually, "finding" all is not well 
> is
> a bit of a white lie - I already knew it was in trouble, from when I last
> tried to boot it about 2 years ago...
> Unfortunately, the intervening 2 years have failed to fix the problem, 
> which
> is that the video seems to have no horizontal hold.
> It took a few goes, but eventually it booted from a CP/M disk; with
> scrambled video. The links below are to a picture & two versions of the 
> same
> video (16 seconds of special-effects laden trickery...):
> PIC: The startup screen in scrambled fashion:
> http://www.solutionengineer.com/ozzie/occ1_prb.jpg
> VID: Booting to CP/M:
> MOV format (4mb): http://www.solutionengineer.com/ozzie/occ1_prb.mov
> MPEG2 format (9mb):
> http://www.solutionengineer.com/ozzie/occ1_prb.mpg
> Please excuse the camera wobble on the movie... The constant high-pitch
> whine is, I think, the image stabiliser in my camera working away.
> Now.... If I pull the termination block off the External Video connector,
> the screen goes out (as one would expect); push it back on & the screen
> comes back on with the display as steady as a rock -- unfortunately, it's
> crashed the computer... From this, I deduce that it must be something in 
> the
> mainboard electronics that's failed (a cap, maybe?), rather than something
> in the monitor unit.
> Any ideas where to start looking? I have an oscilloscope (albeit I've
> forgotten how to use it, and am not 100% sure where the probes are), and a
> multimeter... beyond that, not a lot.
> I've tried cleaning the contacts to the monitor, and around the Ext Vid.
> termination block; and I've wiggled the three cable connectors to the
> mainboard a few times to clean them up. I've also popped each of the three
> socketed chips in & out a couple of time to clean the legs up. Finally, I
> soldered the contrast knob back together - one of the legs had broken.
> Basically, everything works except for the shaky video. Sometimes you see 
> a
> whole page full of 1s, or 0s; essentially, it's all a bit random. Bad
> connection somewhere, perhaps, or maybe a failing chip?
> Cheers!
> Ade.
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