Data sheet distribution

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri May 16 17:33:42 CDT 2008

Out of curiosity, I went to and searched on "datasheet". 

A couple of hits.  One is a collection of datahseets from Elektor 
that I haven't looked at (I'm on the wrong side of the pond to know 
much about Elektor).  About 230MB worth.

The other is a melange of various datasheets.  Lots of op-amps, some 
digital ICs, transistors and other bits and pieces.  Rev. C of the 
Kaypro service manual (Bitsavers has Rev. E).  Information on a 
Techtran diskette drive unit, some stuff on time standards.  The gem, 
IMOHO, is a two-file collection of Western Electric datasheets for 
transistors, ICs, diodes and LEDs.  Most look to be from about 1976 
or earlier.   It might be very useful to someone who needs to know, 
for example, that the 18 pin DIP 146D is an integrated wait state 
generator for the Bellmac-8 processor.

Unfortunately, these PDFs aren't indexed beyond general categories, 
just sort of mixed all together.


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