Do you have a Tektronix 4010? Want a screen capture for it?

Philip Belben philip at
Sat May 17 09:00:35 CDT 2008

I'll put my name down as interested, please!

I have a Tek 4052, which I believe has a compatible printer port.  (I 
can't remember whether the 4006 also does.)  My printer (4631? 4641? 
Whatever) doesn't work, but I don't want to dismantle it for the 
waveform generators.  I like the sound card idea better, but a 
microcontroller is more portable - it will provide an image to more 
different machines.

> Presto!  Screen capture from your 4010-1/4014-1.

No chance.  There is _no way_ anything operating at the speed of that 
machine could be described as "presto" ;-)


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