Capacitor values for original PET power supply?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Mon May 19 02:21:23 CDT 2008

Picked up an original PET 2001-8 awhile back that's been heavily (and I 
do mean heavily) modified at various points in its history by someone 
with very odd design aesthetics.  (See pic at &

Various parts were hacked in and hot glued (!!) in place or just left to 
dangle.  When I got it everything was loose inside.  There's an 
Expandamem board and some homebrew job with some eproms and some hackery 
connected to the internal cassette port.  There are various switches on 
the front and back that do who knows what.  The keyboard & tape drive 
have been replaced with a different keyboard, alas.  (I'll leave finding 
those two items for a later date...)

And the power supply's capacitor has been replaced with some huge 
Sprague monstrosity larger than a pop can.  Haven't even attempted to 
power it up since the power supply wiring's all hanging loose and taped 
together, but I'm afraid of that capacitor and I'd rather just return 
this thing to more or less "original spec" and remove all of this extra 

Anyone know what the original power supply capacitor was for this 
thing?  I've found parts lists & schematics for the main PCB, video & 
voltage regulator but none of them appear to list this.  (I'd also be 
interested in knowing the transformer specs & wiring, since I'm probably 
going to have to rewire that...)


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