Major House Cleaning

John C. Ellingboe john at
Tue May 27 14:17:29 CDT 2008

Jim Battle wrote:
> John C. Ellingboe wrote:
>> Time has come to clear out a major portion of the stash.  At my
>> age I will never get around to all of the projects.
> John, I often feel that way, and I'm 44.
> You are to be lauded for recognizing the importance of prioritizing.
> You are to be pilloried for feeding the lack of self control of others. 
>   :-)
I figure to try to find good homes for it so that later (much later, I 
hope) my sisters don't have to deal with it.  Some of it is from a 
rescue that didn't work out and I need to move it so I can just clean up 
easier.  It is just me and the puppy dogs but we would like it to be a 
little easier to walk through the house.

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