Venner Electronics Modules

Tony Duell ard at
Tue May 27 16:25:15 CDT 2008

> Hi,
> I've got here some electronic modules made by Venner Electronics LTD, 
> Kingston By-Pass, New Malden, Surrey. One is a Transistor Decade Unit 

AFAIK the company is no longer there, the road is (and is better known as 
the A3). Not that that helps you much.

> type TS.10/5 and the other just has Type TS 11/HF on it, where 11/HF is 
> scratched into the metal label.
> Opening one reveals a number of Mullard OC44 Ge transistors.

A well-known germanium RF transistor....

> What on earth are they for? I can imagine they're for some sort of 
> digital machine or even a whole computer, but I can't find any 
> information about them or the company.

Venner are farily well-known for control and measuremnt devices. Venner 
timeswitches, for example, were widely used for street lamp control [1]. 
My guess is that these modules, in particular the decade counter, were 
used in some kind fo DVM/frequency counter [2]

[1] They had an amzing (if OT) think called a 'solar dial'. Not much 
thicker than a normal timeswithc dial, this thing had a star wheel that 
was flipped on one position by a pin on the timeswitch chassis once per 
revolution (day). there was a gear train built into the dial that caused 
a sleeve around the cetnral spindle to rotate once per year, and a pair 
of cams that moved the on and off levers so as to correct for the sunrise 
and sunset times. When used for streetlamp control you got lights that 
turned on and off at the right time.

[2] Such things were around before transistors. Somewhere I have a 
_valved_ DVM [3], and HP made a valved frequency counter. I've got an 
article somwehre for a 10 it successive-approximation ADC, punching the 
output as 2 rows of 5 level paper tape, built from relays and a 
uniselector. The comparator is one of those sensitive moving-coil relays, 
for example

[3] It was given to my school (the worst thing to do to any piece of 
historic equipment IMHO). It didn't work, the teachers couldn't see the 
point of it, and alas before I got to hear of it, some idiot had started 
raiding it for the precision resistors. I realised what it was before too 
much damage had been done, and managed ot get them to give it to me. But 
it's going to be a lot of work to get going again.


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