Andrew Lynch lynchaj at
Tue May 27 20:20:10 CDT 2008


I have an old EPROM programmer for the PC.  It uses an 8 bit ISA card
labeled "MCT-EPROM".  JDR used to sell these in the 1980's for 24 & 28 pin
EPROM programming.  It is a fairly simple device but it doesn't appear to be

JDR still has the software on their FTP site for the programmer, I think.  I
believe it uses the "MOD-EPROM" software from the "MOD_EPRO.ZIP" file.  It
appears there are several pieces of software on the JDR site which support
this programmer

Whenever I start the MOD-EPROM software it says it cannot find the
controller board.  It is looking for a device a 0x2A0 but apparently can't
find it.  The software does NOT allow the IO address to be changed and there
are no configuration jumpers on the controller board.

The ISA controller board installed in 486sx (25 MHz) but the software could
not find it.  I tried with a P3 (450 MHz) and got the same result.

Does anyone have one of these EPROM programmers and can lend me a hand?  I
need to confirm some things in order to determine if this part is working or
not.  It may be I am using the wrong software or too fast of a computer.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Andrew Lynch

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