Atari 1050 diskette drive repair

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at
Tue May 27 18:00:43 CDT 2008

On Tue, 27 May 2008, Tony Duell wrote:

>> Anyone have experience with these?  I have a defective unit (purchased on
>> eBay - sad story) that tries to bash the drive head to death against the
>> Track 0 stop when turned on.  I picked up the service manual and
>> schematics and was able to verify that the Track 0 sensor was working and
>> that that NTRACK00 (pin 34) on the 2793 FDC chip is pulled high at that
>> point.
> I don;t have the data sheet in front of me (and I certainly don't haev
> the 1050 schematics here), but if that signal name 'NTRACK00' means the
> obvious thing, it's _not_ Track0. In other words it should be low when
> the head is on track0.

That threw me as well.  There must be a misprint somewhere, since the unit 
works just fine when I substitute a known-good 2793 from another drive.

Just ordered a couple of them and hope to get this thing up and running 



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