last-minute TI-990 available

Dennis Boone drb at
Fri May 30 09:52:48 CDT 2008

Dear all,

Quite a few of you were interested in the TI-990, so I'll post an update
here.  I have a taker for the system.  I'll keep your emails around in
case that falls through.

For general interest, I picked up the system last night.  The tall rack
includes two CPUs, one older and one newer build, and a Fujitsu Eagle
drive.  The two removable pack drives are Century Data units.  There are
about 10 disk packs for these drives.  The prints and service manual for
them is included, as is a 990 overview manual.  There's also the 911
terminal shown in the photo, as well as a wide carriage dot matrix
printer which was not.  There is a box of miscellaneous cables which may
or not actually match anything.

Unfortunately, the equipment was stored in an open barn for about two
years, one of the Century drives was dropped several feet, the heads
were not locked on any of the drives before moving them, the Century
drives were moved with their packs installed, and the spare packs all
have condensation on the insides of the "cake pan" lids.

Otoh, the insides of the electronics are actually reasonably clean, and
it should be possible to revive most of it.  I suspect with some care
it's probably possible to recondition the disk packs, clean the pack
wells in the drives, etc.  The heads were actually still in the
retracted position on both of the Century drives, which is hopeful.

I was actually contacted about this machine two years ago.  The caller
said his employer (apparently a Ford garage, I've since learned) was
just taking it out of service, and was looking for information on who
might be interested, what it might be worth, etc.  I gave him a few
pointers and asked that he let me know if he couldn't find a taker.  I
only wish he'd been willing to let me take it then.


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