last-minute TI-990 available

Al Kossow aek at
Fri May 30 12:25:17 CDT 2008

 >    This is not relevant to this particular rescue, but I know nothing
 > about these systems and am curious.  What type of OS and app software
 > do machines like this run?

990's are 16 bit computers heavily influenced by the architecture of the pdp-11.
The main difference is the working registers were kept in memory, allowing very
fast context switches, at the expense of register access performance. Later machines
cached the register sets.

There was a small single-user floppy disk based os (for the 990/4 based on the TMS9900),
but the main OS was DX-10, which was replaced by DNOS on the 990/12 series.

Their primary use was in small buisiness, they had COBOL, FORTRAN, BASIC, and things
like rje, data base and forms management packages, and networking.

It seems they were widely used in inventory and parts management systems. The history
of the 990 says the system was originally developed as part of a hotel management system.

dave pitt's site (as well as bitsavers)
are good sources of information

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