UK source of small UNC nuts and bolts?

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Nov 2 11:59:26 CST 2008

> > So waht I am looking for is a source of small UNC nuts and bolts in 
> > reasonable quantites. 'Small' means 4-40, 6-32 and 8-32. I would be 
> > looking for countersunk and pan head scewws, nuts, lockwashers, etc. 
> > 'Reasonable quantities' would be a bag of 100. These are not at all 
> > common in the UK, we tend to use BA (older machines) or metric (M3/M4 
> > sizes). 
> Hmm, try Mackay's in Cambridge (01223 517000) - they're an engineering firm 

Having worked in Cambrdige for a few years, I know Mackay's... Very 
useful. But I didn't think they sold small UNC stuff.

> Failing that, Apex Fasteners in Slough may be able to help (01753 525334) - 

Thanks, I'll give them a go.

> the specialise in things like nuts and bolts, but it's been so long I don't 
> remember if they carry UNC stuff or not.
> If neither of those work  (and nobody else can help), shout and I'll ask some 
> of the engineering types at Bletchley - I expect they'd know.

I wouldn't be so sure. UNC is not a common thread on UK and European 
stuff. Model engieers over here either use BSW/BSF or the 'ME' thread. 
(incidentally, classic Meccano bolts are 5/32" BSW, I have no idea if the 
modern stuff is the same)  Electrical stuff tends to use BA threads [1] 
if old or the common metric threads if new.

[1] BA is, IMHO, a metric thread. 0BA is defindes as 0.23" diameter, 25.4 
thread per inch. Or in other words, 6mm diameter, 1mm pitch. The only 
difference between 0BA nad M6 is the thread angle (60 degrees for M6, 
47.5 degrees for 0BA).


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