PDP-8/e and terminals in West Sussex, UK

paul at frixxon.co.uk paul at frixxon.co.uk
Mon Nov 3 06:03:49 CST 2008

Thanks to Martin for grabbing 14 DEC terminals from me last week -- very
pleasant to meet someone who is still working with PDPs and real terminals
in the wild!

I've just passed our waste electrical skip at work and noticed that
someone has dumped a PDP-8/e box in there. I'm being imprecise about this
because I've never seen one before. This isn't a big rack, just a single
heavy box fronted by an orange and brown PDP-8/e front panel. I assume
it's the processor itself. If I can chuck this in my car this evening,
would anyone here be able to pick it up from me by the end of this month?

And here's a reminder that I still have a bunch of terminals left; see my
previous email for details. The later DEC ones have gone but there are at
least 20 Wyse WY-420 terminals available, which have (I believe) a
competent VT320 emulation. These are for pickup only from here in Crawley,
West Sussex.

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