Video capturing from different video sources (Sun, SGI, etc)

Jason McBrien jbmcb1 at
Wed Nov 5 10:55:47 CST 2008

If you have a sun or SGI that outputs somewhat normal VGA, you could use
something like an Avermedia Quickplay to convert it to SVHS and record from

On Wed, Nov 5, 2008 at 11:11 AM, JP Hindin <jplist2008 at> wrote:

> Hey all;
> I've been wanting to do some video capturing from an SGI and have been
> trying to work out the 'best way' (or, perhaps, the EASIEST way) of doing
> it. The video I'm capturing is prior to the OS coming up (waffling around
> the Command Monitor, etc), so I can't have the system itself help me out.
> If I had some LCD panels which spoke SGI I would simply sit a DV cam in
> front of the LCD and record it - the quality should be acceptable - but I
> don't (LCD since CRTs would have flicker, of course, when recorded). Plus,
> I'd quite like to source video from Suns and other machinery.
> I imagine there really -isn't- a catch-all solution, but I'd love to have
> the thoughts of the Geek Masses. I've never done video capture before in
> any form, and have little experience with working with video at all to be
> honest, so anything would help.
> Many thanks;
>  - JP

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