PDP-8/e and terminals in West Sussex, UK

David Griffith dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu
Wed Nov 5 23:56:00 CST 2008

On Thu, 6 Nov 2008, Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> On Wednesday 05 November 2008, Steven M Jones wrote:
> > Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> > > Would something like a Purdue Dual VAX count?
> >
> > Just out of curiosity, are you referring to a VAX-11/782? It was
> > listed on the pricelist, in SPDs, and in the UNIBUS VAX handbooks,
> > and consisted of a pair of 11/780's with a shared-memory
> > interconnect. Or a special one-off machine created at Purdue?
> The Purdue Dual-VAX, not a VAX-11/782.  Also, not a special one-off
> machine, as dozens if not a hundred were made, most assembled by Mike
> Marsh.  Also, it was created before the VAX-11/782 was offered, and was
> a much more sane system design that gave more speed for less $$$ than
> an 11/782.
> I have a copy of the paper written by Mike Marsh and George Goble on my
> website:
> http://computer-refuge.org/classiccmp/dp_vax/dual-vax11-780.pdf

Very interesting.  I was wondering if anyone here has something like an
emulated 11/780 running an appropriate version of BSD accessable.

David Griffith
dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu

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