MP VAXen, was Re: PDP-8/e and terminals in West Sussex, UK

Ian King IanK at
Thu Nov 6 09:21:41 CST 2008

Are you referring to this Micronote?

I've accumulated the bits and pieces to try this out, but haven't gotten to it yet.  The Micronote states that the DEC OSs don't do anything with this, which has always intrigued me: so the hardware guys made this cool feature and the software guys ignored it?  :-)  -- Ian
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Subject: MP VAXen, was Re: PDP-8/e and terminals in West Sussex, UK

Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> The Purdue Dual-VAX, not a VAX-11/782.  Also, not a special one-off
> machine, as dozens if not a hundred were made, most assembled by Mike
> Marsh.

I'd heard about this long ago, but never read the paper and had
forgotten about it. Thanks, this is already a fun read two pages in.

This also reminds me that I'd heard rumors of people tying more than one
KA630 together, but I don't have any details about that. I seem to
remember some implementation details from the relevant processor
handbook that seemed like they would have facilitated this, but those
books are out of reach...


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