[personal] Re: PDP-8/e and terminals in West Sussex, UK

Mike Hatch mike at brickfieldspark.org
Thu Nov 6 11:45:45 CST 2008

It was, but there is still a surprising amount of kit on the site, I was 
still installing equipment there in 2003/4.

Unofficial photos on the web show the computer room pretty much as it was 
many years ago, but it appears to be just old PC storage now. They went for 
localised PDP11's, some of them are still in the control rooms apparently.

NGTE did have the knack of removing old equipment and shoving it into old 


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> Mike Hatch wrote:
> > I know there was a PDP7 within two miles of where I am now, but it's so
> > heavily policed, literally, there's no chance of getting in to check.
> Is/was that NGTE? I thought the site was cleared out of pretty much 
> everything and therefore the PDP7 would be long gone...
>> Would add as "real finds" -
>> SDS 930 series
>> Leo III
>> Elliott 80x series
> It's possible there's still an Elliott or two lurking in storage 
> somewhere. Unlike nearly all other machines from that era, they seemed to 
> have survived much better. Still not many around now, of course - but I 
> think there's more chance of finding an 80x 'barn find' [in the UK] than 
> any other system from that era.
> cheers
> Jules

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