Plug-n-Play for vintage machines?

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Wed Nov 12 09:15:41 CST 2008

Jim Brain wrote:
> I'm considering designing some cartridges for the CBM line of computers, 
> but I'd prefer to skip masses of jumper blocks and move to a soft-config 
> option.

I agree that retaining config in memory seems a better approach than jumpers 
in this particular case (much as I like jumpers) - so long as the loss of that 
state memory doesn't actually introduce any major inconveniences for the user.

Can you extract some sort of meaningful version / ID information from the data 
held within the cartridge? If so, maybe keep the cartridges simple (just a bit 
of ROM), but have a box of tricks which plugs between the cartridges and the 
cartridge port on the machine itself and is responsible for retaining 
config/state information. (Of course this only works if you know that a user 
won't want to own two cartridges for application 'foobar' and hold different 
config info for each...)



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