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You need the sound box and this wacky cable. I have been unable to track one
down, I've been looking on and off for a couple years. Never could find one
at a sane price. I once even sat down with the schematics and drew up a
diagram of what I thought the cable should be, so I could build one. But,
since there is power in the cable, and I wasn't 100% sure I was right, I
never built it. I'd love to find a real cable so I can ohm it out and
determine the connections.

I may be able to help.
Some time ago at a boot sale I picked-up some NeXT items: 3 sound boxes, 3
cables, and a mouse.
They were about to go into a skip in my next clearout, but it seems like
they would be more useful than I thought.
I have no idea whether these are in working order.
I am in the UK about 30 miles from London (use of terms like "skip" and
"boot sale" are a good clue as to which side of the Atlantic I am!)

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