Another NASA recovery story

Dan Roganti ragooman at
Sat Nov 15 06:28:24 CST 2008

bfranchuk at wrote:
> John Foust wrote:
>> Another NASA recovery story:
> And what was NASA doing for the last 30 years ???.
> It seems once MAN landed on the moon, NASA has been a complete
> flop

This is such a dumbass thing to say. I was glad to work on several Nasa 
contracts during my time. If you don't recognize any of the achievements 
made during the mounds of bureaucratic loopholes they had to jump 
through, your're just friggin blind. I like to see any private company 
put up with the same crap. But you never did back then because they 
never put their money where there mouth is--but they were sure damn 
happy to get any of the Nasa contracts.


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