RS232 voltage level converter box

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Nov 16 16:10:00 CST 2008

> It looks like a converter box that takes TTL level serial signals and 
> converts to RS232 levels, kind of like the MAXIM single chip solution 
> except that it is using 1488 and 1489 chips.

OK, such things did exist.

> The problem is that it came with a PCjr, but it doesn't physically plug 
> into a PCjr.  The onboard serial port is only 16 pins, while the 
> rectangular connector here is 20 pins.  It physically doesn't work.

And the PCjr serial port is at RS232 levels anyway. The PCjr seiral cable 
is just a cahle, no intenral componnets (I have the PCjr TechRef with 

If it was used wit ha PCjr, then I would guess that the PCjr was 
connected to the RS232 side of this coverter, and some other device, 
using a TTL level serial port, was connected to the 20 pin header.

I can't think fo anything offhand that would have such a port. It might 
have been something very specialised (say to control or program some 
measuring instrument or something).


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