OT Plugging : HP Integral IPC on ebay

Rik Bos hp-fix at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 16 16:33:26 CST 2008


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Onderwerp: Re: OT Plugging : HP Integral IPC on ebay

> I'm repairing/restoring a HP-65 with severe oxidation-damage on the 
> cardreader pcb and a lose headwire.
> This head was filled with white siliconkit so I was able to remove it 
> and

That, I think, is the earlier version. I've never tried to dig out the
sealant to repair one.

> resolder the wire (yellow one). After resoldering,I refilled it with 
> 2k

Which, IIRC, is connected to the other end of the winding that the red wire
connects to.

> epoxy glue, terminal resistance seems to be allright for both coils 
> and I'm now restoring the PCB traces. The head connection explained it

If you need any information (pinouts, testpoints, etc), feel free to ask.


Thanks, but it's fixed and working, and I bought 'your' CD a while ago due
time that was very helpfull. 
Had to wire all the conductor paths on the cardreader pcb.
But I made notes about the head connections for who wants to dig.
Serial is 1509S07*** but I have another one with the serial 1506S05*** witch
has the head filled with epoxy. 
|Re     Y ##to PCB
|   Blck  |    This is the connector layout in the head
|Bl    Or |


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