DEC Letterprinter 100 -- what are they selling for?

Tony Duell ard at
Sun Nov 23 15:27:30 CST 2008

> From: <js at>
> >
> > Are DEC Letterprinter 100's in nice, working, non-noticeably-yellowed 
> > condition worth anything at present?   Or are they pretty much recycling 
> > fodder?
> Don't know if they are worth anything, I've never had to pay for one - they 
> just keep arriving here!

I have no idea what they're worth either. I was given a couple with my 
11/730 system... IIRC the Letterprinter is the RO (no keyboard) model, 
the Letterwriter is the KSR (with keyboard) one.
> They are useful though, as they correctly emulate a Teletype and allow 
> overprinting, which most modern printers don't, but I suppose that's only 
> useful if you have an interest in ASCII art!

It's a 9 pin dot-matrix head which is tilted mechanically (a pair of 
solenoids shuttling a shaped core to and fro inside the carriage) to give 
18 pin resolution in 2 passes. I find them interesting because of that 
curious mechanism.


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