5" floppy?.

Antonio Carlini arcarlini at iee.org
Mon Nov 24 03:35:45 CST 2008

I tripped over this page (discussing Max Burnett's collection):


and this part confused me:

"A local Intel executive recently found his family tree on a 5in floppy,
but even in the citadel of chip development, anything that could read
the disk had long since gone for scrap. "A couple of clicks" and Max had
it back on a modern floppy"

Was there a 5" floppy format? I wouldn't be surprised to find out yet
another format that I've never come across before, but I don't recall it
cropping up here.

(BTW: What's a "modern floppy" these days - one of those shint 8cm
things maybe :-) ? )


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