Hard disk material

Robert Nansel bnansel at bigpond.net.au
Mon Nov 24 18:58:44 CST 2008

Sun Nov 23 Eric Smith wrote:

> Nickel plating would definitely not work.  Some of the earliest drums
> used cunife (copper/nickel/iron alloy) wire tightly wound around an
> aluminum cylinder, then turned on a lathe to get a flat surface.  ...

Hmmm . . . that technique might work for my 2N2/256 BSCP project!

It also occurs to me that the machining could be done with the drive  
mechanics, provided it's rigid enough and you take very light cuts.   
You would fabricate a cutter head that bolts in the same way as a R/W  
head.  To take a cut, you just tweak the adjustment screw(s) and turn  
an additional "feed" screw to cut the track the right width.

Heck, you wouldn't even need the feed screw.  Make the head so it can  
slide laterally a millimetre or two, then you could move the cutter  
head back and forth by hand, the same way the Fonly lathe works.

It also might be possible to just lap the R/W heads in with a tiny  
amount of jewer's rouge, then carefully clean all the grit out and  
readjust the heads to give the right gap.


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