5" floppy?.

Fred Cisin cisin at xenosoft.com
Tue Nov 25 14:48:45 CST 2008

> > What I want to know is when the US and Canada will get with the program and
> > start using ISO paper sizes like everyone else :-)
> As soon as they start using screws with metric threads ;-)

They are, already, jamming screws with metric threads into non-metric
threaded holes.

40 years ago, we were running into disastrous comingling of NC and NF.
Two folk I knew decided to trade doors of their USA vans (one had windows,
one didn't).  I had to repair a lot of stripped threads by the time they
realized that one was NC, one was NF, of the same model van.
Now we have an auto industry that is mixing SAE and metric, much like UK a
long time ago, other than the lack of Whitworth.

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