5" floppy?.

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Tue Nov 25 14:56:41 CST 2008

> There have been 3" floppies, IIRC used by some (Amstrad?) eletronic
> typewriters.

3" floppies were not uncommon in the UK. As well as Amstrad (both the CPC 
series of home computers and the PCW word processors [1]), the Tatung 
Einstein used them. And I've seen at least one 3rd-paety disk drive for 
the BBC micro that was 3".

I find the 3" disk to be mechaniocally superior to the 3.5" one. The 
shutter on the latter is a very poor design (as anybody who's had to 
strip a drive down to extrace a mngled shutter will confirm.)

[1] They wrre a lot more than electronic typewriters. They were Z80 based 
ocmputers that ran CPM+ (IIRC) and which came wth a word processor program.


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