5" floppy?.

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Tue Nov 25 16:29:53 CST 2008

Jules Richardson wrote:
> Doc Shipley wrote:
>>   Two words:
>>   "Triumph" and "Whitworth"
>>   My ('70? '69?) TC100 had metric, imperial, AND Whitworth parts.
> Heh. I've been on a Triumph car kick for years, and it *shouldn't* have 
> been so bad there - but most cars from the 60s and 70s have been through 
> several owners by now, and it's usually guaranteed that at least one 
> owner had done repairs using whatever fixings they had laying around...

This is a really fascinating thread.   I never knew that late 60s sports cars used 5" 
floppies.  Amazing.  Did such cars use core memory, or did they use the brake drums for 

Next let's talks about sports teams that use 5" floppies, then we can talk about office 
jokes that may or may not use 5" floppies, and perhaps the US list members can get around 
to whether democrats or republicans are better for 5" floppies.


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