5" floppy?.

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Tue Nov 25 20:45:30 CST 2008

On Tue, 25 Nov 2008, Chuck Guzis wrote:

> I once read an interview with the son of inventor Henry Phillips (an
> Oregon native) and he maintained that it wasn't the original design
> (US Patent 2046343) that was at fault, it was primarily the fault of
> ASC for cheapening the manufacturing process by relaxing
> specifications--and the propagation of inferior tools. Indeed, the
> screwdrivers I have that are labeled "Genuine Phillips" do seem to be
> quite a bit better than the generic variety.  One aspect of the
> Phillips head not shared by Torx or Robertson/square is that it will
> automatically center the driving bit.

I don't follow on the automatic centering.  Yes, a slotted screwdriver can
slide out, but torx or robertsons?

> The "slipping out", I believe is referred to as "camming out".
> While rebuilding a deck this summer, I found that even square-drive
> screws are easy to strip when power is used to drive them.

That's why you're supposed to use a drill with a slipper clutch.

> Fortunately, deck screws are being manufactured with the Torx head
> (mine were T25s) and allow for much better driving performance.

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