Vintage-Computer Marketplace (Was Re: semi-monthly ebay grumble

Michael B. Brutman mbbrutman-cctalk at
Thu Nov 27 11:13:35 CST 2008

David Griffith wrote:
> One again, I'm getting the grumbles over Ebay's policies: its impenetrable
> policies on how much much I pay for what, lack of protection against
> insane buyers, a constantly changing look and feel, and so on.  I tried
> out for selling a couple video game carts and I
> like it.  Their whole fee structure is generous and easily explained in
> one paragraph.  The only problem is that I don't sell that much in the way
> of video games.  I don't know what a good alternative for classic computer
> stuff would be.  Right now I'm looking closely at ebid.  I think this week
> I'll run a few things there and see what happens.

Have you tried Erik Klein's site?

Besides having a fairly active web forum he has put up an auction site. 
  With no fees ...

It is a little thin at the moment but we are hoping it will become the 
preferred place for our hobby.


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