5" floppy?.

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 28 15:01:57 CST 2008

> > IMHO anyone who can't feel when this sort of screw is tight but not  
> > too
> > tight has no business owning a screwdriver!
>    I agree completely.  But us thinking people allow suits (a  

This is hardly difficult!. I suspect I could do it before I even went to 
school (I had a misspent shildhood, taking things apart and putting them 
toegtehr again, I've not changed much :-)). 

The reminded ms of a story my parents told me. When they bought their 
first house, just after getting maried (and thus before I was born), they 
heard that the plumber had made sure the taps on the washbasins in the 
bathrooms were tight. He'd tightened every one until he heard the 'crack' 

Or the old instructions for fitting the deflection yoke on a CRT. Tighten 
the clamp until the CRT implodes, then back off 1/4 of a turn :-)

> descriptive term that refers to mindset, not attire) to run the  
> world, and suits like to hire cheap labor so they can pocket larger  
> profits.  Do they REALLY care about the quality of construction?  Of  
> course not.

And then they wonder why they get no repeat customers and why their 
profits have fallen. But of course such people can't see beyond the next 
balance sheet ;-(


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