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>> Something I'd like to see is a serious effort to get rid of phillips
>> screws.  [...]
> I once read an interview with the son of inventor Henry Phillips
> [...who said...] it was primarily the fault of ASC for cheapening the
> manufacturing process by relaxing specifications--and the propagation
> of inferior tools.

Certainly the latter is significant.  A cheap Phillips screwdriver,
made of inferior steel, will itself degrade in various ways that make
it much more apt to damage screws.  One made of decent steel, to
reasonably tight tolerances, though, is quite a different story.

> One aspect of the Phillips head not shared by Torx or
> Robertson/square is that it will automatically center the driving
> bit.

Robertson does this if the screwdriver tip is pyramid-pointed rather
than flat.  (It can't be too much so, of course, or it doesn't seat
well in the screw head.)

> While rebuilding a deck this summer, I found that even square-drive
> screws are easy to strip when power is used to drive them.

I don't find it so, unless the bit doesn't seat properly in the screws.
(This can be the fault of either the bit or the screw - in particular,
taper on either one makes it worse.  And taper is a common consequence
of power-driving screws without proper torque limits - the driver
twists out of in line with the screw, which forces the screw, the bit,
or both to taper slightly as it unseats.  And, of course, once it
starts it just gets worse.)

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