Vinyl Data- Classic Computers / Indie music tricks crossover

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A Dutch radio station broadcast programs in a form of basic that could be 
read by most machines at the time . The code was basicode and translation 
programs for the common systems worked well.

regards Graeme
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I can't believe noone has mentioned this yet, but I have heard that during 
the (early?) 80's a Radio station did play computer programs for people to 
record off the radio.

No, I don't know which radio station this was, nor do I have any evidence 
other than heresay.

I was hoping someone here would have mention it, or could possibly confirm 

Yes, the Spectrum was big here in the UK. As a Spectrum user (and owner) I 
believe there were several models. Not sure if you'd count the Z80 & Z81 as 
part of the family, but I know there was the ZX Spectrum 48k, 128k, 128k +2, 
128k +2a, and 128k +3.

The +3 version used a floppy drive whereas all the previous version 
primarily used tapes.
The Spectrum I own (put somewhere "safe" by my parents) had a built-in 
tapedeck to the right of the keyboard.

Andrew B
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> Tom Peters wrote:
> >   Most of these programs were written for the Sinclair Spectrum
> > computer series. The Sinclair Spectrum was a relatively cheap home=20
> > computer system that used a television set as a monitor and loaded=20
> > programs from tapes. It thrived in England in the early 80=92s:
> s/England/the UK/

I beleive both versions are correct.

The Spectrum sold well throughout the UK I believe. It also sold well in
England, which is part of the UK.


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