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Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Thu Oct 2 09:24:10 CDT 2008

Adam Sampson wrote:
> Jules Richardson <jules.richardson99 at> writes:
>> (My brain wants to say it transmitted as part of the Teletext signal
>> for use with the various Teletext adapters - Morley, Acorn etc. - but
>> I'm not certain).
> Yup -- the Advanced Teletext System manual refers to it as
> "telesoftware". There's a PDF of the ATS manual here containing some
> screenshots and a brief description of how the data was transmitted:

*that's it*, thanks. I remember now that the doc I have is a copy of a spec 
document, titled something like "A Redefinable Telesoftware format for the BBC 
micro" - I seem to recall the one I have was a preliminary release rather than 
a final version. I'll have to check later that I didn't bring a scanned copy 
across the pond with me, but I'm pretty sure the paper copy is all I have.

> Mike Brown's web pages have lots of pictures of the Ceefax Telesoftware
> service, and the text of the shutdown notice:

Those were the days... sadly I got rid of my teletext units late last year 
before moving - they'd be even less useful in the US than they were in the UK!

Hmm, did anyone ever transmit computer programs via satellite? I remember 
there was a brief period (at least in the UK) where home computer satellite 
decoders were very popular; it didn't need a lot of circuitry, so homebrew 
receivers existed alongside commercial units.

I don't think anyone's mentioned program data stored on Laserdisc (Domesday 
etc.) yet...



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