help (re) booting xenix after cmos battery failure

Doc Shipley doc at
Fri Oct 3 00:32:05 CDT 2008

Roy J. Tellason wrote:
> On Thursday 02 October 2008 13:39, Doc Shipley wrote:

>>    Failing that, I might have the diagnostic/setup floppy image.  I'll
>> look for it this evening.
> I think those are often pretty machine-specific,  but the last time I needed 
> one I was able to download it from Compaq's web site. Though that was 
> admittedly not recently...

   The readme files show the 286/386 setup disks to be pretty generic. 
SP0308 was the one I remembered.

   I found what seems to be the entire SoftPaq library here:

   Impressive, no?


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