WD1001 (Fortune-32?) Was: boards

dwight elvey dkelvey at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 4 22:17:49 CDT 2008

 This would be a great board to connect a 
MFM hard drive to a project computer. It wouldn't take
much to connect to most any computer, even an old S100.
These used a sector buffer so there is no issue with a slow bus.
 Most all the implementations of the WD1001 used that same
instructions. It would be truely easy to get this to work for
most anything.
 I put a different version of a WD1001 on my Olivetti M20.
It was a little easier than most because it already had the software
driver for it but I did have to write my own low level format.
 This board is much easier to use than floppy boards because
it buffers the data and doesn't require faster bus responses.
> From: rtellason at verizon.net> > On Saturday 04 October 2008 13:08, Chuck Guzis wrote:> > On 4 Oct 2008 at 9:45, Al Kossow wrote:> > > There were different 'dash' configurations for the WD1001, according> > > to the WD catalog. The ones listed use ribbon cable connectors.> >> > There were *many* OEM specials of the WD1001. I've got one on my> > Durango F85 here using a proprietary bus.> > Well, I posted the pics hoping that somebody might have a use for the thing, > rather than I just end up scrapping it for the chips.> > Anybody wanna take it off my hands? Let me know. Not that it takes up all > _that_ much room, but...> > -- > Member of the toughest, meanest, deadliest, most unrelenting -- and> ablest -- form of life in this section of space, a critter that can> be killed but can't be tamed. --Robert A. Heinlein, "The Puppet Masters"> -> Information is more dangerous than cannon to a society ruled by lies. --James > M Dakin
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