Problems with 2114s

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Sun Oct 5 15:51:37 CDT 2008

From: "F.J. Kraan" <fjkraan at>
Sent: Sunday, October 05, 2008 10:01 PM
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Subject: Problems with 2114s 

> Tony Duell wrote:
>> the card. As soon as I spotted this was implemented with 2114s [1]s, I 
>> knew what to do. I replaced them, and put the card back in, not 
> I heard before that 2114 are considered unreliable. Is there an overview 
> of brands that are not reliable? I have a computer in repair, a DAI, 
> 8080 CPU with special stack RAM implemented with 2114s, so that could be 
> the problem. But it would be nice to be more sure before soldering them 
> out.
> An image of the suspect RAM is here: 
> Greetings,
> Fred Jan

Hi Fred Jan,

are you sure those are 2114's?
Not that I am 100% sure, but to me those are 2111 RAMs, 400 ns types.

- Henk, PA8PDP 

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