HP 5036A microprocessor lab - searching for copy of "Practical Microprocessors"

hpjimbondoris123 at dorisland.net hpjimbondoris123 at dorisland.net
Thu Oct 2 14:38:21 CDT 2008


If you download the manual you will see that it is in color and was scanned at 300 dpi color. I believe that HP did this on purpose
so that you could not copy it on a copy machine but rather contact them and purchase another copy. 
On the rom listing I had to even play with the contrast and brightness just to get it to be read. Please if you want take a crack
in reducing the file. As I spent the entire day just on the 40 pages it was the best I could do to get out the document for those 
folks whom have the trainer without the manual when it came to the schematics those were scanned in black and white as they
are black and white.


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