VT220 keyboard (cont'd)

Charles charlesmorris800 at centurytel.net
Sun Oct 5 09:07:43 CDT 2008

Thanks for the replies, all, especially Tony Duell who had it

>This normally means there's a short in the keyboard matrix, as if one key 
>is stuck down.
>What I would do is open up the keyboard casing (there are 2 screws under 
>the plastic posts/feet) and remove the internals. 
>Connect the PCB to the terminal with the normal cable and power up. Most 
>likely the LEDs will go through the normal sequence and there'll be no 
>error message, which shows the fault is in the keyboard itself.

The LED's do indeed cycle when the isolated PCB is hooked up, and
eventually "VT220 OK" appears on the screen. So now I either have
to find the shorted key (it's pretty dirty in there so blowing
with compressed air might help) or just get another keyboard. I
won't try and wash it after reading the warnings here.

BTW I see one on ebag right now (190254818657) but it's a
"VT220-Style" unit, made by another manufacturer. Think it'd work
with a real VT220?


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