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Mon Oct 6 15:41:46 CDT 2008

That is definately true. When I forget myself and buy stuff from (normally I use the packages always end up at customs where I have to pay import charges. 
Here's what the label says on the package:

"Goods purchased and imported into the EU with a value over £18, or goods imported from one private person to another private person as a gift with a value over £36, are subject to customs charges. These reliefs do not extend to Excise goods (e.g. cigarettes, tobacco and alcohol)."

Not sure if the charge varies here in the UK depending on the size of the package, but for a smallish box (A4 shape, with 3" depth) it cost me £19.38 (£8.00 Royal Mail handling fee and the rest is VAT). The box in question contained some DVD's and CD's.

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5. Some (all?) European countries have hefty import duties which make it
desirable for buyers to ask for this kind of treatment.


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